In the 21st century, it's hard to discover things that have not already been explored and found. But with Urban Exploring you can find places that are hiding in plain sight. 

urbex uk

The UK is one of the best places in the world for Urban Exploration. Because of its dense population and inner city subburbs, this is the perfect place for places to be buried and forgotten about. 
We offer Urbex walkthrough and behind closed doors looks of London and further afield that you have never dreamed of. 
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urbex building
8am Pick up & Brief

What is urbex?

As we collect you from the collection point, we will go through safety briefing of the day. This will include vital accident and emergency protocol, as well as who is your assigned mentor. Following this, we will chat about URBEX and how it has progressed into the fascinating hobby it is today. 

urbex locations 

We have set up trips to urbex sheffield, urbex manchester, urbex glasgow and more. These cities are our playground and it is up to the group to decide where they want to go and what they want to achieve. 

Lunch break & free pizza

We offer a complimentary lunch break with drinks and snacks provided. We know urban exploration is incredibly tiring, and can be draining, so we keep ourselves fueled with the best energy enhancing snacks money can buy!

urbex photography

Find anything or anywhere you want to remember forever? We have our Gopro technology and camera crew on hand for you 
to get some insta worthy pictures. After this, the team will bus you back to your home location. 

course pricing chart

URBEX London
All day
Parkour Lessons
2-4 hour
Half day
Parkour Trip
All day
Photography accompaniment
All day
Rooftop training
2-4 hour


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Staying in contact helps spread our vision into the world. 
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