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15 tips and tricks on How To Make A Man Cave

A man cave is a space in your home that is specifically designated for a man to relax and hang out. It can be decorated however you want, and it's a great place to store all of your guy stuff. The first step toward making a man cave is to find or build an area […]

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Kit Out Your Pad With 10 Must have gadgets under 100 pounds

When buying gadgets under 100 pounds, several items fall into this category. But amongst the world of high-tech devices. There are several products available at more affordable prices (much lower than £100). This article will take you through some of these devices that we feel should be included on your shopping list to kit out […]

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How to make a man cave in The garage In 15 Easy Ways

Garages are versatile pieces of living space and can be used for various purposes. However, most garages stand empty and vacant, with only parked inside. If you have a garage that is not being fully utilized, why not turn it into a man cave! It will save you from going out and looking for one […]

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Make Your Workspace YOUR Man Office! Combining Your Man Cave and Office

Who says that an office has to be filled with work-related stuff only? After all, there are no rules that state that you can only add work-related items to your workspace. With that being said, you can even turn your basic home office setup into an exciting man office by combining your workspaces with stuff […]

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10 Exciting Variations on the Monkey Shoulder Cocktail

 In the world of marketing, branding is everything. A great brand tells a compelling story. It has a memorable image and name. It catches the eye and the interest of potential customers, making them want to discover more and really connect with the company. And when it comes to whiskey, few brands have captured this […]

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