January 26, 2022

Protect Your bachelor pad our 5 Picks Of The Best Driveway Security Systems

It's crucial to protect your home from lurking attackers or thieves. Considering that, you should invest in an excellent driveway security system to ensure that your home stays protected even when you're not around. But what factors should you take note of when looking for the best driveway security system?

Of course, other than considering your budget, you'd also need to look into a driveway security system's various features and your needs. Doing so will help you determine the best driveway security system suited for your home. For instance, you can look into the system's ease of use, transmission area, special features, and more.

And based on the driveway alarm systems' features, you can now identify which ones would best fit your preferences. Luckily, this guide will spare you from having to do any further research regarding the best driveway security systems you can choose from. With that being said, here are my picks of the best security driveway systems below, including their respective pros and cons.

1. Guardline 1/4 Mile Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm

Best Driveway Security Systems
Available From Amazon

Starting this list is the greatly favored Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm, and for good reasons. After all, this budget-friendly driveway alarm can have up to sixteen waterproof sensors covering four sectors! And, also has various customizable settings. It also provides a scope of forty feet per sensor. On the other hand, it covers a wireless coverage of at least; a quarter mile from its receiving device.

Moreover, this driveway alarm can cover up to 500 feet in the total covered range. This is even if there are any obstacles in the said area. This driveway alarm also comes with a battery reserve system and a connected twelve-volt relay in case of extra exterior alarms. So, due to the aforementioned reasons, it's no surprise that this driveway alarm includes tons of fantastic reviews on various sites.


  • Can cover 4 sectors with additional sensors
  • You can easily customize the sensor settings depending on your needs


  • Only covers a small area if you have a large property
  • Might be prone to react to false alarms
  • Other users find difficulty syncing the said detectors as needed

2. eMacros Wireless Driveway Alarm

Available From Amazon

The eMacros Wireless Driveway Alarm is your best bet if you need a driveway security system that lets you cover a large area. After all, this driveway's sensors can cover a total area of thirty feet. This alarm is also made of professional-grade and weather-proof PVC, offering outstanding durability.

On top of these wonderful features, this driveway alarm also includes four unique chimes that you can install as needed. Overall, the eMacros Wireless Driveway Alarm is your best pick if you want a sturdy driveway alarm that will last you for a while. And considering this is a high-end option, it's no wonder that this product includes a lifetime warranty.


  • A sturdy weather-proof driveway alarm
  • Can cover a maximum of thirty feet per sensor
  • Sensors utilize solar energy so you can easily install and power them outside your home


  • May be deemed as too costly, especially since it only comes with four sensors

3. Chamberlain CWA2000 Wireless Motion Alert Security System

Available From Amazon

The next pick included in this list of the best driveway security systems is the Chamberlain CWA2000. Although it comes with just one sensor, you can purchase a maximum of three sensors to your liking. Its sensor can sense a maximum of thirty feet in terms of distance, while its receiving device can sense as far as half a mile.

In addition, if someone ever decides to tamper with Chamberlain CWA200's sensor, its receiving device will ensure to alert you through its lighting and sound system. You can also freely switch from using its receiving device with an AC connection or batteries, especially if you ever need to carry this device with you.


  • A perfect option for wide ranges
  • Another wallet-friendly pick


  • Extra sensors come for an extra cost
  • It needs a decent sightline to operate correctly

4. 1byone Wireless Driveway Alarm

Available From Amazon

The 1Byone is another good option that could agree with both your budget and needs. Despite its affordability, the 1Byone Wireless Driveway Alarm offers you a wireless scope of 1/5 of a mile. However, this driveway alarm system only covers 24 feet of area, which is probably not enough for other homeowners. Furthermore, even though it relatively costs less compared to other driveway alarms, it still comes with a total of five sensors.

And if five sensors are not enough for you, you can always purchase additional ones that cost no more than $20. More importantly, you can also personalize this alarm since it comes with three different alert tones, 36 chime sounds, and an adjustable volume for its alarm chime.


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Is a nice option for those who want a customizable driveway alarm
  • Provides you with a significant number of sensors for its cost
  • You can alter its alarm chime's volume with a minimum of 25 dB and a maximum of 80 dB


  • Its design does not do its best to conceal this device when installed outdoors
  • This driveway alarm only covers a relatively small area

5. Safety Technology Wireless Sensor Alarm

Available From Amazon

Suppose you're looking for a great wireless driveway alarm that uses solar energy. In that case, you should opt for the Safety Technology Wireless Sensor Alarm. It's created to disregard shadows, creatures, and other passersby purposely. After all, its sole purpose is to sense approaching or leaving cars in your driveway. In the event that any of these things happen, this alarm then alerts with several available voice alerts.

In addition, this driveway alarm's sensors can be positioned 1000 feet away from its receiving device. However, it can only sense up to twelve feet. Still, since this driveway alarm is essentially wireless and comes in a stealthy design, it can be easily disguised in your driveway as something else.


  • Can be easily concealed in your driveway
  • Utilizes solar energy to function
  • Easily choose from available voice messages that are in English and Spanish
  • Provides you with ten tones you can choose based on specific alerts


  • Considered to be too expensive for most users
  • Its scope of detection might seem too limited for its price

Final Takeaways

This ends my list of picks for the best driveway security systems. Overall, there are various driveway security systems that you can choose from based on their prices, inclusions, special features, and the like. Due to the varying choices that you have at your disposal, we're sure that you can easily make a decision based on these top picks listed above. And if you want high-end solutions, home security experts recommend getting reach in professionals for the best results.

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