February 14, 2022

How to make a man cave in The garage In 15 Easy Ways

Garages are versatile pieces of living space and can be used for various purposes. However, most garages stand empty and vacant, with only parked inside. If you have a garage that is not being fully utilized, why not turn it into a man cave! It will save you from going out and looking for one as all the work has been done for you.

Here are ideas on how to make a man cave in The garage:

A Man Cave with an entertainment room

All guys like to be entertained. A great idea would be to make your garage into an entertainment room where you play all sorts of games such as pool or football. You can also install a TV and surround sound speakers for that true movie theatre experience! If the weather isn't too hot, you could even invest in a big screen projector!

A Man Cave with a sports bar

Many guys like to be surrounded by their favourite team's memorabilia, so why not make your garage into a sports bar? Put up all your sports posters and jerseys on the wall, put up some tables and chairs, get yourself some beer pong tables or dartboards, and most importantly, buy yourselves one or two huge HDTVs to watch your favourite games from your man cave!

A workshop/garage gym

Some men enjoy working out in their spare time, so if you're one of those guys, then what better way to work out than to do it in your garage! With all the tools and equipment already there, setting up a home gym makes perfect sense. Get yourself some weights and other workout equipment such as chin-up bars or treadmills. If you don't like working out by yourself, then invite your buddies over for a basketball hoop or start an intense game of beer pong!

A Man Cave with a bar/pub

Enjoy going to bars and pubs, especially if they have extensive beers and wines and all the necessary bartending equipment for this kind of business. So why not create your very own pub right in the comfort of your garage! You could even host a party for all your friends with a selection of drinks and snacks in that very man cave bar area. While you are at it check out our article on variations of the classic monkey shoulder cocktail.

how to make a man cave in the garage - home bar
Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

A Man Cave with a workspace

Some people hobbies where they need to build things or just a place where they can do their hobbies in peace. So why not use your garage as a workshop?

You will find everything you need there already, such as saws, paint, glue, etc. You might want to add some more hooks on the walls so you can hang up your tools when not using them instead of leaving them lying around on the floor. Or if you prefer having toolboxes under each of those workspaces, then, by all means, go ahead but make sure you label them, so you know which tool goes were.

A Man Cave with a games room

Why not have your very own man cave games room where all your friends can come over to play games! You could also keep it just for the family by having board games nights with your children. If it's just for the family, then why not put up some chairs and tables rather than leaving that space empty?

A Man Cave with extra storage space

This is always welcome because who doesn't want more garage storage to store everything away neatly instead of being crammed everywhere around the garage, so everything gets messy? It will make cleaning a lot easier to find everything in one place.

A Man Cave with an office

Some guys like to work from home, so this might be for you! If you always work from home you can treat your man cave as office space simultaneously. It's easier than using up kitchen or bedroom table space when they can go into their very own man cave office.

Photo Credit - Adobe Stock

A Man Cave with a TV/gaming area

All guys love a few games of poker or video games. So why not enjoy that in your man cave by creating a gaming corner for them to do just that! Get yourself all your favourite snacks and drinks ready because you're going to stay there for hours once you get started on some multiplayer action.

A Man Cave with garden

Some like getting their hands dirty, so why not look outside instead of in. An outdoor space where you can enjoy yourself planting flowers and plants from the ground up! If you have the time and patience, could be a great bonding activity between father and son or just a friendship thing to do together.

A Man Cave with a spa area

Who doesn't love a good spa session after a long day at work, or just because? Treat yourself and create your very own man cave spa where you can have some peace time all to yourself with no disturbances. It's great to get some 'me' time and is a fantastic way to relax from household and your actual job.

A Man Cave BBQ/outdoor kitchen

All guys love an excuse to fire up the grill and create some tasty treats over open flames! You can cook up all their outdoor favourites and store them in the kitchen if they need to. So why not get that perfect combination of a BBQ area with a kitchen side by having both built into one idea?

A Man Cave with a pool table

The pool is, without doubt, one of the most popular games that guys love to play, so why not get your man cave its very own pool table?

A Man Cave with a workstation

If you have a creative and artistic side, this is perfect for you! Get some space where you can make little trinkets or create some paintings on canvas; whatever it may be, you'll want to have some space, especially if you have children who want to get involved too!

A Man Cave for hanging out with friends

If your guy has a lot of buddies who come round, then it might be nice to give him somewhere where they can all hang out without spilling things over everything else in the house. Give him some bean bags or comfy chairs that he'll love to have his friends sit in while he makes them drinks in the kitchen.

In conclusion, you can make many different types of man caves to suit your interests. Have fun designing them and let your creativity fly!

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